Facade Paintings

Facade paints are used for interior and exterior decoration. It is a technique where the paint applied to a painted facade combines with the existing surface material to produce a new one. The old surface is first sanded to remove all loose or broken materials then the paint is applied on this new surface. Normally, one coats of paint is used to cover the entire facade but depending upon the requirements, one may need to apply more than that.

Painting facades involves different techniques and tools. Traditionally, painting of these structures involved a brush with a roller or spray tip applied to the surface and left overnight. However, the modern facades use paintbrushes with long tips that can reach higher areas such as eaves and Roman facades. Paints are applied by using a cloth or a brush dipped in a solution then allowed to dry. Learn more information about https://house.kharkov.ua/otdelochnye-materialy/laki-kraski/kraski-fasadnye

Paintbrushes used in this technique have graduated tips that increase the depth of the paint application. In addition, some use water-based solutions while others use oil-based products. The water-based paints are more suited to coastal areas, whereas oil-based products are more suited for inland areas. The use of water-based paints is highly preferred because of its uniformity of application and the ease of cleanup.

Painting techniques include brush stroking, which is the most commonly used technique, line painting which uses a continuous even stroke across the surface and painting in a variety of patterns. The surface to be painted is pre-designed by drawing on the top layer of the paint with a brush or various tools such as a roller or paintbrush and then getting down to the lower layer of the paint by applying it wet. The surface to be painted should be thoroughly cleaned and then a smooth flat surface is prepared by buffing.

Paintbrushes used in this technique are designed to apply a uniform layer of paint over the surface to be painted. Other tools used in this technique are paints brushes, rags, dust masks and primer. Primer is a substance that provides the base coat of the paint for it to properly set. The color chosen for this technique is usually on top of the first color applied so the end result is a beautiful professional look.

When using facades, the base coat is always applied first followed by the color to be applied and the top coat. There may be different types of primer needed depending on the type of surface that will be painted. If a surface has to be primed then special primer should be used. It should be applied to get a smooth and flat finish.

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