The Wine Store At The Liquor Mart

In Northdale, Manitoba there is a new Liquor Mart that will offer shoppers exciting new products and services. The newly renovated Liquor Mart, previously owned by Interbrew, now has an extensive selection of fine spirits, gourmet beers and liquor. Choose from over 100 different brands including Bell’s Band-Aid, Smirnoff Ice, Bacchus, Coronado, Jack Daniels, Anheuser Busch, Bacardi, Riedling, Bollinger Bock, Vintners, and Ghirardelli. Stop in to try some of your favorite beverages, snacks or just to take a look around the store.

If you prefer a nice spot for a restaurant, Northdale Liquor Mart provides five restaurants with a range of liquor from their extensive selection. You can enjoy your meal, have a drink and then head on down to the restaurant for a bite to eat. From sandwiches and appetizers to sushi and pasta, they’ve got something for anyone. The Shoppers Club and Platinum Club members have special options that are only available to those who are members of the Liquor Mart. This includes a special commemorative wine and a limited number of bottles of champagne, along with a wide variety of premium spirits.

If you like an evening of wine and cocktail, consider having a picnic at the Liquor Mart while you’re there. Enjoy your meal, mingle, and have some fun as you watch the other customers have a great time. There are also tables and benches set up for private dining and socializing. Purchase a bottle of wine and treat the party to an exquisite meal complete with dinnerware, napkins, silverware and a dessert. Other beverages are available in addition to the liquor, such as a selection of bottled water and a wide selection of popular brands of bottled beer.

For the sports fan, there is even more to choose from at the Liquor Mart. Enjoy a game from one of the three PlayStation video game stations. The Liquor Mart also sells NFL draft picks and PGA golf picks. There are over two thousand bottles of wine available from brands like Chianti d’Adda, Pinot Noir and Muscat. Also, don’t forget the bottled water and cans of soda. Other sports related merchandise is available from the Liquor Mart including hats, clothing, memorabilia and even gift certificates.

The Liquor Mart also sells a wide selection of fine jewelry and fine wine. The liquors are frozen prior to the pick and bottled within twenty-four hours of picking. The most popular wines for both men and women are Chianti d’Adda and Muscat. Both the men’s and women’s selections are frozen and shipped in beautiful red and white boxes, and then the bottles are labeled according to the specific wine. The Sauvignon Blanc and suvignon blanc are two of the most popular wine for both men and women.

If you are planning a vacation, the Liquor Mart has a great selection of fine accommodations for your next trip. If you are planning a wedding or honeymoon, there are some great choices as well. Regardless of the occasion, the Liquor Mart will have the wine you need. Visit West Vail Liquor Mart to understand what chances you have.

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