What Types of Helmets Are Available?

A helmet is essentially a kind of protective headgear worn for the protection of the head. More importantly, a helmet guards the skull from sustaining injury in case of an accident. Historically, ceremonial or religious helmets without additional protective purpose are commonly worn by soldiers. They have also been used by motorcyclists in keeping their heads protected from injury in case of an accident

With the invention of modern helmets, people can enjoy some added safety from injury. Several kinds of modern helmets are available in the market. Helmets are designed not only to provide protection but also to make a fashion statement. Some of the most popular helmets include:

The ski helmet, also known as an open-faced helmet, has a visor that shades the eyes and face. They are mainly used during downhill skiing and are very light in weight. It is best suited for adults who have large heads. Today they are also used by many kids who like to participate in snowboarding. Many surfers use these helmets because they are very light and easy to keep on.

The bicycle helmet is another kind of helmet that has evolved from the traditional bicycle helmet. These helmets were first made popular by Lance Armstrong, who won the Olympic gold medal for his winning in the decathlon event in cycling in the Olympic games in 2021. These helmets have a hard shell that covers the entire surface area of the head and face. It prevents flying objects from hitting the face of the wearer. They are also used by cyclists and several children who like to cycle on the road.

Airsoft sniper helmets are also available in various models. It provides a high level of protection against pellets of heavy caliber. It also features side-bullet ports, which allow users to shoot small pellets, which cause less damage. The helmet weighs about 13 ounces and can be easily carried by hand or with the use of a light weight backpack. You can know more about A new motorcycle.

Most motocross riders wear a full face helmet that covers the entire head, jaw, chin and brows. This helmet serves to protect all the areas of the head and face, especially the back, sides, top and ears. A full face helmet can also be used in certain racing competitions, like motocross racing. These helmets are made of carbon fiber or polycarbonate and they weigh about two hundred and twenty grams.

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